Patagonia, Argentina by Chris Perea

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Picture Story

I'm a strong believer that you should never stand still and get too comfortable in live. Constant education, new experiences and meeting new people help me to stay true to this believe.

This photo was taken on a photography workshop I attended. Spending time with other photographers, professionals or amateurs, is one of the best ways to grow as an artist in my eyes. On one of these mornings of the workshop in Patagonia, we hiked well before dawn to an epic location near Mount Fitzroy. It was cold and very windy as usual in this part of the world. We were already on our hike back but had plenty of time to look around for other compositions. That's when I spotted this dead tree that stood out of the warm reddish autumn colors like a bright white skeleton. I circled the tree two times and decided that this was the best angle to show it's symmetry. One of the big branches broke off and will soon be teared down by the winter storms and making this composition disappear forever.

To save weight in my camera bag I only brought a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens on this hike. I chose the telephoto lens and set up quite far away from the subject. The long lens helped compress the scene wonderfully. There was not a lot of post processing necessary for this photo. I only removed a little green area in the background of the photo with some yellow and green hue corrections, brought some of the beautiful red color back and slightly sharpened the photo.

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