Palouse Falls, Palouse, USA by Raico Rosenberg

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Picture Story

This was shot in 2012 on my first and only photo trip to the East of the USA. We had targeted the lush Columbia river gorge and towards the end of the trip we planned to visit Palouse falls as it was a few hours drive away from all the main spots. As we came to the end of the trip after getting up early every morning all week to get sunrises and making the most of our time to shoot we where knackered and didn’t particularly fancy a long drive for just one location and return to the hotel late at night. Besides it had been cloudy all day long. Nonetheless we decided to go as it was an iconic and majestic waterfall inside a canyon. During the whole drive there was curtains of rain at the horizon with intervals of rain.

We arrived and soon enough the sky blew up red with a Rainbow! It happened so quick that I was unable to mount my filter holder so had to hold my grad manually for 30 seconds while shielding the grad filter with my other hand from the drops of rain.. luckily I managed to at least mount my polariser onto the lens beforehand so I could accentuate the colours of the rainbow. It must have lasted barely 2 minutes. Im glad it ended well!

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