Nubra Valley, Ladakh, India by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav

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Picture Story

After about 2 days of continuous bike riding( Nov 2019) , reached Ladakh from Dehradun. I am not sure whether this place needs any recommendation.

It is breathtaking view once you see this and one need to be really fortunate to go and see it. some of the highest motorable roads forget everything once you get a glimpse of Nubra valley. I just want to say that everyone , who has walked on earth has visit this place. Its so calm and meditation, it make you one with the beauty of nature.
The water in this place shines green and blue. Reaching here is also great experience. my bike jogged, jumped, bumped over road.

It took us around 7 hours of rigorous driving to reach Nubra valley. before nearly 10 kms to reach Nubra valley & it is mesmerising.

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