Northumberland Coast, England by Jackie Matear

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Picture Story

I took this image on a beautifully sunny autumnal day on the Northumberland coast, in the north of England. The scenery was stunning but there was not a single cloud in the sky to add any photographic interest. I spent quite a while wandering around the beach at the little bay known as Swine Den, below the cliff at Cullernose Point, but was unable to find a composition that suited the conditions on the day.

As I made my way back to the car, I noticed the swirling pattern on these two small boulders on the foreshore and set about trying to create an abstract image that excluded the blue, cloudless sky. I set up my tripod so that my camera was pointing directly downwards and set a narrow aperture to ensure there was front to back sharpness. Live view was helpful to make minute adjustments to my framing. No filtration was required.

It was backbreaking work, but I was pleased that I was able to come away with an image from my visit to this part of the coast, and one that is very different to my normal style.

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