North Bull Lighthouse, Dollymount Strand, Dublin, Ireland by Mike O’Leary

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Picture Story

It was sunrise at Dollymount Strand, a popular photography location on Dublin's coast. Most photographers tend to shoot Poolbeg Lighthouse across the bay. It's an interesting subject but an obvious one, at that. I wasn't happy with what I was getting so I hunted for a composition for another thirty minutes before settling down away from, and below, the promenade, facing out towards Poolbeg Lighthouse's smaller, often overlooked sister, North Bull Lighthouse. Dublin Port is behind me and to the right, so it's a fairly busy shipping lane. There was no getting around the fact that boats were going to be in the scene.

I increased my shutter speed to 30s in order to smooth out the water, but I also deliberately waited for this large cruise ship to pass directly behind the lighthouse. Luckily, due to the large volume of ships passing, I had a number of opportunities to get the timing right. When I eventually did get it right, the morning sun behind the lighthouse decided to burst through the clouds.

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