Nohkalikai Falls, Sohra, Meghalaya, India by Himadri Bhuyan

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Picture Story

This image was captured in 2015, at one of my favourite waterfall locations - Nohkalikai Falls, close to Sohra (Meghalaya state of India). The valley below was covered with a thick cover of cloud till sunset, yet I noticed a rain and lightning bearing cloud on the south-east and I observed its movement towards the west. Two and a half hours later this image was made under the moonlight that lit up the whole scene. I waited for the lightning to enter my frame. And so it did. For me, this could be a once in a lifetime shot where so many things came together - the waterfall and its landscape under the moonlight, the faint star trails because of the 4 minutes exposure, and to top it all the lightning that struck where I had a hunch it would.

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