Nicolas Alexander Otto • Drakensberg: A breathtaking experience

The little-known country of Lesotho, which only declared independence from the UK in 1966, is a landscape photographer’s dream. Nicolas Alexander Otto discovers the Drakensberg mountainous

Near the Tropic of Capricorn, tucked away within South Africa, lies the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country encompassed by its bigger neighbour. Usually overlooked on the world map, only seldom do tourists find their way into the small country of only close to 30,000 square kilometres. Yet, on its eastern borders there are some of the most spectacular landscapes of the African country. Steep cliff faces that drop down into the plains below, sometimes as deep as 1000 metres. Seen from the South African side, there were many myths about these high rock walls. When the first Dutch settlers found their way into these parts, they told tales about dragons living up in the mountains. Hence the name Drakensberg was born. The Drakensberg, also called uKhalamba by the Zulu tribes, living below its towering statue, is part of the Great Escarpment, which encloses the Central Plateau that stretches far into Namibia and Botswana. But no other part of the escarpment is quite as scenic as the one that runs along the border between South Africa and Lesotho. Its alleviation reaches up to 3458 metres, and its many ...

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Nicolas Alexander Otto

Nicolas Alexander Otto is a young landscape photographer based in Germany. Starting out back in 2008, what once was a sporadic past time has slowly become a semi-professional part time job.

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