Neyruz, Switzerland by Alexander Gellner

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Picture Story

One of the key skills of a landscape photographer is patience. Patience on site for the light to be “right”, and patience in the planning process for the “right” season for a certain shot to come along. So I was very excited when autumn finally stared to manifest itself, having done a lot of planning for great vista shots of colorful forests and mountain scenes. After two weeks of quasi-permanent rain and grey skies my excitement started to turn into frustration as all my planned shots required some kind of interesting light.

So I decided to take a walk in a local woodland. Whilst being surrounded by forests I had never really got into woodland photography, finding it extremely difficult to find compositions in all the chaos. But sometimes the pictures reveal themselves, and when I saw the light illuminating those leaves amid all the conifers I knew there was a picture to be taken.

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