New Mexico Badlands, USA by Joshua Snow

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Picture Story

I am just back from one heck of a mission to Mars, or at least what felt like it! Let me preface this with a little story. In 2017 I first began visiting this area, a remote part of the New Mexican desert and was the first car camping photo trip I had taken after moving cross country to Moab. It holds a very special place in my heart for that reason! Well, on that trip we had stumbled onto a shiny ring crusted in the mud at the bottom of a ravine, far from anything, we were lost actually. I was so nervous to unearth this ring for fear there be a skeleton attached.. but alas, ringo no fingo! Sadly there was no inscriptions either. I searched and searched for the owner and posted it in local FB pages for months. I’ve held onto it for safe keeping because who knows how long it had been there, or how long It would be for the owner to be discovered? Did a vengeful wife "take her husband out to pasture"? what had happened to this ring? what was its story, I have always wondered....The plot thickened...

I've been back 5, FIVE times and EVERY TRIP has been cursed by wind, rain, snow, clouds, or ALL OF THE ABOVE and over the course of 5 return trips since then I have only managed to squeak out a few images I am happy with. Other times being forced to leave... This last week I meant to return that ring in hopes my curse would be broken, so I could finally capture a collection of images to show how amazing this landscape is...I forgot it at home... but I learned, that curses don't exist and I just didn't know what the hell I was doing out there! I think I am starting to figure it out!

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