New Hampshire, Manchester, USA by Emmanuel Hernandez

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Picture Story

I had decided to visit Franconia Notch Park in the New Hampshire White Mountains region this day. I brought with me various lenses including the Zeiss 35mm which is fairly new to me. Once I arrived, i didn't know what to expect but surely it wasn't snow! I thought to myself that it would be a difficult trail but decided to give it a go regardless of the conditions. I ventured into the path and minutes i began to hear the rush of water. I kept walking until I came across this waterfall surrounded by snow and ice.

I quickly took out my tripod and tried to set it on the snow but it wasn't staying steady. I then opted to close the tripod legs and stick it into the snow and ice like an icepick with camera already mounted. Keep in mind, this was a small table size tripod. I then looked into my bag and realized that i needed a ND filter in order to use a 30 second exposure but the only one I had was 67mm and my 35mm has a 49mm filter thread. I had a decision to make, so i took the filter and held it against the lens for 30 seconds at a time until I made the image that I wanted. It was super challenging but it was worth it! This walk provided so many challenges, from difficult trail conditions to ingenuity with existing gear but sometimes the moment needs to be captured.

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