Nestos Lake, Platanovrisi Barrier, Drama, Greece by Christos Vasiliadis

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Picture Story

In October 2016 I decided to make a photoshooting trip in Rhodope Mountains. I met with a photo-friend, who lives there, and he was my guide through my trip. At the end of the forth day and after a unique shooting day in the Virgin Forest of Frakto, we were returning back to our hotel when we decided to make a stop in Nestos artificial lake of Platanovrisi barrier, just to check if there was something that worth to shoot. A hill with weeds hid the lake so my friend proposed to have a look to what was behind there. Both time and weather were unique for photoshooting, as it was a cloudy evening, so it would be pity not to check and perhaps lose something interesting!

This decision was more than correct! Walking through the weeds and going to the edge of the hill we could see the lake from above! The sky reflections in the water and this small island in the middle made the scenery unique for an outstanding photography. We climbed at a rock for better sight, set up our tripods…and the shoot saved both in my camera’s memory and my mind!!! In order to emphasize the water reflections I used polarized filter. Around the lake there were mountains and lot of trees but I decided not to include them in the photo in order to have a minimal result. The conclusion is that wherever you look, nature generously gives you unique frames. The only you have to do is to search for it and if necessary to struggle yourself in order to get it!

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