Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye, Scotland by John Cuthbert

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Picture Story

We, both my partner and I , left home the day before having studied the weather forecast and headed northward for some five and a half hours eventually setting up camp for the night on a roadside pull in as darkness fell using four rocks to hold our basic little shelter in place... The sky was crystal clear and the milky-way something to behold on such a clear night as we lay there heads on pillows looking upward at the entrance of the little tent. We had a plan to head for Neist point lighthouse knowing the weather was favourable and rose up around 5.30am an hour or so before first light and drove the additional nine miles to the lighthouse.

Having arrived on site it was pretty clear that while conditions were lovely there was a distinct lack of high cloud to make for a stunning fiery sunrise but we were rather pleased with the results we did come away with on this another trip to the fabulous Isle of Skye. As usual we used Sony and Zeiss combinations, strapped to our Manfrotto tripods and filter glass was kindly supplied by Nisi. We will as we have done a good few times before.

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