Mulholland Lighthouse, Campobello, NB, USA by Myer Bornstein

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Picture Story

This image Mulholland Lighthouse was taken from below the lighthouse in the marsh during the last minutes of the golden light hour, just before the sunset. We are looking at the lighthouse and fishing boats, looking across the Lübeck Narrows toward Johnson Bay and the shoreline of Lubec Maine. I have multiple pictures of the slight house taking at different times of the day. The hardest part about shooting as the sun goes down from the marshy area is that the mosquitoes come out. The mosquitoes attack you like they were a dive bomber and seem just as big. Thank goodness for bug spray, it kept me from being eaten alive. What makes this area so fascinating is that it is the home for five lighthouses. Two lighthouses are in Lubec Maine, to lighthouses on Campobello Island, and one lighthouse in Cutler Maine. All of them are introducing subjects to photograph.

Because of the location, you can have light-dense fog, cloudy skies, or bright sunny weather. I selected this image out of the many that I have of this lighthouse because of the color in the air, plus the remains of an old dock. There is a road below and leading to the lighthouse, which is easily accessible. To visit, you do need your passport since you will be crossing into Canada. If you don't have your passport, the lighthouse is photograph football from the town of Lubec. Going and coming to Campobello Island, you cross the FDR freedom bridge and pass Canadian customs going onto the island and U.S. Customs returning back to Lubec.

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