Mt Rainier, Washington, USA by Peter Luxem

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Picture Story

During my vacation I'll always try to get up for a sunrise shoot. My plan was to photograph the sunrise at Tipsoo lake with Mr Rainier in the background and hoping on some good light and clouds.

I was sleeping in my rental RV at Ohanapecosh Campground which is about a 40 minutes drive away. This meant a wakeup call at 5h45, which is still reasonable.

When starting to drive I wasn't very hopeful: a cloudy sky, but still went for it, we were awake anyway. We could always take breakfast if conditions are not good and do a hike afterwards.

I arrived at the first parking spot, and still clouds... This isn't promising , I decided to drive a bit further hoping to get a glimpse of Mt Rainier, the road still climbed after all and yes a bit further I was above Tipsoo lake and could see Mt Rainier finally. So I park my RV and went out in the cold morning and walked down the road to the spot I saw.

Searched for a composition and took some test shots, at the first glance it was obvious that I wanted a reflection of Mt Rainier in Tipsoo lake, but from the road that is not possible to get. I didn't want to risk anything going down on that slope. So I tweaked my location and composition so that I could get the cloud above Mt Rainier in the reflection.

I waited for the sun to light up Mt Rainier, but the clouds rolling in from the valley came fast and I feared I would loose the view on Mt Rainier, but the mist just added to the atmosphere, it lasted for about 30 minutes. At which time the mist completely filled the valley; time for breakfast.

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