Mount Rainier, Washington, USA by Lynn Hopwood

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Picture Story

It was the middle of August and this is when the wildflowers were blooming at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. I decided to leave early on an August morning to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Mount Rainier National Park. I left my home in southeastern Washington at 2:30 am with 2 cups of coffee, some breakfast and all my camera gear. I drove to the Paradise side (where the Paradise Visitor Center is located) of Mount Rainier National Park and stopped at Reflection Lakes around 5:15am. I got out of the car to stretch my legs and was amazing to see a giant lenticular or cloud cap over the mountain.

Since I had already photographed at Reflection Lakes the previous week I decided to go up to the visitor center and see what the lenticular cloud looked like at that sight. Wow, it was so amazing even in the semi darkness. I loaded up my tripod and camera and got on the Skyline Trail that would take me to Edith Creek and Myrtle Falls. This is an iconic area of the park and I knew from a previous visit that their were plenty of wildflowers there. I scouted out what I thought would be the best compositions and waited for the sky and the lenticular cloud to light up. There wasn't any color in the sky at all so I had to wait. Then for 45 minutes I was able to photograph. This photo was taken close to 7am and it shows the wildflowers and the cloud cap. I hope you enjoy this unique photograph.

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