Mount Rainier, Ashford, Washington, USA by Lynn Hopwood

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Picture Story

It is wildflower season at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state so I decided to get to the park early in the morning to avoid people and traffic. Last week I left my home in southeastern Washington and made the two and a half our drive to Mount Rainier National Park in central Washington. The Paradise side of the park is where I wanted to go to check out the wildflowers. As I ascended up the mountain road I came to the iconic Reflection Lakes.

In the past, when I have tried to get sunrise photos there I haven't had much luck with a good reflection or good color in the sky. On this particular morning the lake was filled with mist so I decided to stop and see what I could capture on my camera. It was 05:20 and already photographers were filling up the places along the lake. Sunrise was to be at 6am so I got my tripod and gear and headed to the lake to find a spot. Much to my dismay the wildflowers that were there were past their prime and did not look good at all. I opted to go down to the shore of the lake but be hidden from the other photographers. I started photographing but didn't think I had a wide enough lens so I had to run back to the car and get my 16-35mm lens. I tried using my graduated ND filter to give some color in the sky but it didn't do much good so I took that off. I photographed off and on for about 40 minutes. This was my favorite misty photo from that morning.

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