Mount Corrasi, Sardinia, Italy by Marcello Seddaiu

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Picture Story

Long ago, a dear friend told me that, according to her, Mount Corrasi was the most beautiful mountain in Sardinia.
Those words came to my mind one day, when for the first time I admired Mount Corrasi from the panoramic point of Mount Ortobene, in the municipity of Nuoro.

When I lived in Nuoro, often happened I looked for him, among the buildings, in the middle of the trees, along the way to work.
Until one evening, when returning home towards the sunset, I saw him shining, lit in red by the last rays of the sun. I kept that memory and one evening I went again to look for it on Mount Ortobene.

It was a day with the sky covered by low clouds, laden with a rain which, however, didn't arrive. From experience, I knew it could be the right day to enjoy the show of that past day, to take the photo I wanted.

However, once at the top, the scene didn't appear so well and the sun remained hidden behind the low clouds. But in the end, finally, sun went down behind to the horizon.

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