Moskenes, Lofoten Islands, Norway by Ludwig Riml

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Picture Story

I was on vacation with my wife on Lofoten Islands. We were sleeping in our camper at the parking lot at Tindstinden Hike Trailhead, planning to hike to Munkebo with our dog. Inspite of a little rain we started after breakfast. The clouds were hanging low over the mountains but the atmosphere was moody and wonderful. We passed a beautiful waterfall and several small lakes and I made notes in my head where I would return later on my own to make pictures. This is a strategy I have when I am out with my family. They do not have to wait every time I want to take a picture and for me it involves a lot of stress knowing that somebody is waiting.

Of course many times the special mood and light is not there when I come back but this day the conditions had not changed when I returned alone and I decided to photograph a detail of the waterfall.

It’s always a bit of trial and error to get the right shutter speed, so I made several exposures to choose from. My intension was not to blur the water totally, but to convey the feeling of it rushing down the rocks. In order to achieve this I used a ND filter which reduced the light by three steps and a polarizer to minimize the reflections on the water.

Using filters when photographing waterfalls from a short distance implies another problem. The spray from the fall will constantly blur your lens or the filter in front of the lens. So you wipe and wipe trying to get a clear shot. Hopefully the end result is worth all your efforts.

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