Monticello, Maine, USA by Christopher Mills

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Picture Story

I got out a few nights last week to do some night photography and just enjoy being out under the stars. Here's a potato field in full bloom in Monticello Maine. The two brighter white dots to the left of the Milky Way starting with the smaller one is Saturn, and the other is Jupiter. A few meteors passed through the exposure as well. Perfect night under the stars! If you wonder how I capture this kind of image I'll walk you through it.

I shot this with my Nikon D750 and Rokinon 14mm f2.8 lens. The sky is a 30 second exposure at f2.8 ISO 6400 focused on infinity. Anything longer than 30 seconds the stars won't be round. For the field I focused 2.5 meters in front of the camera so the hyperfocal distance for what is in focus is 1.6 meters in front of the camera to infinity is in focus. I set the ISO to 2000 and left the shutter open for 4 minutes to give me enough detail in the field to work with. Leaving the shutter open that long creates hot pixels through the image so I shot another 4 minute exposure with the lens cap on to blend that with the foreground image to get rid of the hot pixels. Processed and blended in Lightroom and photoshop. So it took almost 9 minutes to capture the image and about 15 to process it lol.

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