Mojacar, Spain by Trevor Perry

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Picture Story

There had been a major storm the previous day that had whipped up the normally calm Mediterranean into a tempestuous sea. The weather was poor when I left my house so, unusually, I had gone to Mojacar without my camera. When I saw this scene, I immediately drove back and collected my camera, tripod, and wellington boots. I chose a location where the outgoing surf would create some lead-in curves towards the interesting rock formation and used a 10 stop ND filter to give me a long exposure time. I had to push the tripod legs well into the sand so that the triopd remained stable as the top sand tended to liquify with the incoming and outgoing water.

I always shoot with the camera set to Manual when I'm shooting with the 10 stop filter as I prefer to control the exposure that way rather than messing around with the over/under exposure adjustment with aperture prioity. Unfortunately, not long after taking this photo I was hit by the "big one". I found myself on my back and completely covered by the sea. I clung on to the base of my tripod hoping that I could keep hold of it and the camera. Fortunately, I did not get swept away and my camera survived but the tripod was never quite the same again. I particularly like the lead-in curves and the almost monochromatic tones resulting from the heavily overcast conditions. A blue Mediterranean sky would not have worked with this image.

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