Millington Woods, East Yorkshire, England by Janet Burdon

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Picture Story

On a recent visit to Millington Wood in East Yorkshire, I was struck by the fabulous colour of the autumn leaves on the beech trees. I visited the woods on an overcast day which proved ideal, as bright sunny weather would have blown the highlights, particularly as I wanted to take multiple exposures.

Rather than capturing the colour as a ‘straight’ classic landscape image, I wanted to do something more creative, so I took a ten shot multiple exposure of the scene. I moved the camera slightly and zoomed the lens between each exposure and also took one of the exposures out of focus to give a soft, more impressionist feel to the final image which was blended together ‘in camera’. Fortunately my camera is ideal for shooting multiple exposure images because I can see the image building up on the monitor screen as I go and I don’t have to worry about calculating exposure times.

Multiple exposures can be a challenge at times and the success rate can be low but they do make an interesting alternative to classic landscape. When you do get it right it can be very satisfying and rewarding.

Millington Wood is a local nature reserve and is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn. In spring the wood is carpeted in swathes of wild garlic and bluebells and in autumn the colours are spectacular. Because the wood is hidden in a deep valley and protected from the wind the autumn leaves fall slowly giving weeks of opportunities to capture the display.

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