Millcreek Canyon, Moab, Utah, USA by Bruce Hucko

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Picture Story

I call it Lisa's last gift. After being together for a few years we parted a few winters ago. It was not easy, but it was right and it seems it was amicable. A month or so after I received a message from Lisa suggesting that I visit the part of the drainage that she described. She said that there was something that might interest me photographically, and that I better get there soon as the subject was ice. Soon was within 2 hours.

I walked up the stream wondering what I might see and as I stepped on the shaded area of the canyon along the stream I knew what she was referencing. Nothing says "smooth" to me more than flowing water. I know that's not exactly what the assignment called for, but it's smooth to me. I like that the ice is formed on a rock by the spray of the moving water. It's actually changing every second. The color in the ice comes from the sunlit canyon wall and the blue, of course, from ice and water reflecting the blue sky. Once I'd set the composition it took only 3 frames to record the flowing water at a shutter speed that said "smooth." Days later I made prints and Lisa received the first one as a thank you. Relationships are difficult to end. I was lucky in that this one ended smoothly. I thank and respect Lisa for that, and for the photo tip!

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