Milfontes, Portugal by Paulo Bizarro

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Picture Story

This photo was taken in June 2019 in the village of Vila Nova de Milfontes, in the coastal region of Alentejo province, Portugal. I wanted to photograph these peculiar low tide pools during sunset, as they make for an interesting foreground subject. I planned to be there on the day and hoped for an interesting sky at sunset. Being mid-June, the days are quite long, but even so I arrived at the location well before sunset, to get myself well acquainted with the place and the shooting conditions. The tide was going out, so I started to walk over the tidal flat and pools. These are trap the water and have almost a polygonal shape. They are also very sharp and jagged in places, so a good pair of boots is recommended.

I made a few test shots while setting up my gear and planning for several compositions. For this occasion, I had my APSC camera plus two lenses: a 16mm wide angle and a 50-140mm zoom. After selecting a primary location, I set up my camera on the tripod and started shooting. The light was changing very quickly with the approaching sunset, and fortunately the clouds made their appearance, which added interest to the sky area. Has I had hoped, the water in the pools reflected the fiery sky, in a nice display of warm colours. From the many frames, I selected this one, which was taken with a neutral density filter to increase the exposure time, to smooth the water and enhance the colours.

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