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One of the crucial aspects in capturing a picture is visualising how it will look at the end of the road. Michael Pilkington talks about trust, understanding and the final destination

Taking time to think is perhaps one of the most important things in making a photograph, deciding on what should be included and, more significantly, what should be excluded. Often, when reviewing images in the field, I find that they can be confusing and simply do not convey to the viewer what I was trying to achieve. I often use an analogy to describe this. Consider actors performing on a stage. There should be a single lead performer, the star of the show. That lead may have some supporting actors, which must not detract from our star, but complement them. And then there is the rest of the cast who occupy the stage and they in turn must not take our attention away from the lead actor or their support.

All of the above can fail if you don’t have an emotional connection with what you have photographed. This underpins the very essence of the image. Conveying emotion is perhaps the most ...

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Michael Pilkington

Michael Pilkington is a professional landscape photographer and co-founder of the Landscape Photography Workshop company aspect2i. He is principal lecturer of the Epson Print Academy and also teaches infrared and other aspects of landscape photography with aspect2i.

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