Michael Pilkington • Creating The Perfect Colour Print

Photographers want consistent, accurate and predictable results when printing their images. Michael Pilkington has some technical solutions to printing issues

If you print your own images, you will more than certainly have watched the paper emerge from the printer and think that it doesn’t match your screen. The image on your screen that you have laboured over, fine-tuned and worked to create the right balance of light, correct tones and colours just does not look like the print. It is very frustrating and also expensive. All that ink and more importantly the cost of that beautiful fine art paper seemingly wasted.

As photographers, we want consistent, accurate and predictable results when printing our images. The way to achieve this is through colour management. I am sure that you have heard of this. It seems as if it is some ‘black art’ using a myriad of terms and technologies that we cannot possibly learn or even master. It can be complex and confusing. It can be highly technical, especially if you need to reproduce colours that are exact (for example in commercial work or art reproduction). However, for the majority of us we need ...

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