Mark Bauer • Landscape Photography Myths

Equipment, modes, daylight, tripods and freebies… Photography is littered with divisive opinions, truths and falsehoods. Mark Bauer takes a chance and unpicks the reality from the fakery in this eye-opening article

If you stay involved with landscape photography for long enough, you will hear the same pronouncements made again and again: ‘Always shoot in manual mode’, ‘A tripod is an essential piece of equipment’, ‘For best results shoot in the golden hours at the beginning and end of the day’ and so on. We hear these assertions so often that they become facts carved in stone, which we never dare question. But just because many people have been saying these things for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily make them true. I actually think it is good practice to challenge ideas – even firmly established ones – and thought it might be interesting to try and bust a few myths.

Myth 1: Better equipment doesn’t make you a better photographer
There are lots of variations on this: a great photographer can create a great photograph with any camera; cameras don’t take photographs, photographers do; the most ...

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Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers with work published worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, including ‘The Landscape Photography Workshop’ (with Ross Hoddinott).

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