Manhattan, New york, USA by Neil Dankoff

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Picture Story

I'm hoping you will consider this to be a landscape photo as it does show the Manhattan landscape. Taken from a doors off helicopter with my new Phase One 150 mp upgrade. The real beauty is in the detail and the 73"x50" prints that I just produced allow you to see practically every building in Manhattan!

Shooting from a helicopter is so different from my typical long exposure tripod shoots. The Phase One is a beast and definitely not easy to shoot hand held. But the unlimited possibility of incredible vantage points are worth the hand cramps. I'm also not accustomed to the pressure of having very little time to get the shot. It's all very rushed and there isn't really the opportunity to check your display zoomed in to make sure all is good. The helicopter vibration necessitates bumping up the ISO but this image came out tack sharp.

It's a lot of trial and error and that becomes a lot more costly than most shoots. This image was captured on my second helicopter shoot and that left me just enough money for an amazing slice of New York Pizza.

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