Manchester, Tennessee, USA by Jeremy Teran

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Picture Story

I decided to venture out to a state park I had hadn't visited before. Tennessee has several state parks with waterfalls, but I wasn't aware Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park was one of them. I started walking along the park's 1 1/4 mile loop when I heard the sound of rushing water. February is a very rainy month, in middle Tennessee so I assumed the rushing river was the source of the noise. It didn't take long to learn the source was the first of 3 larger waterfalls.

After spending some time photographing the first waterfall I headed back to the main path and was pretty happy with the shots I captured, so I contemplated heading to the next stop I had planned. It was getting a little late in the afternoon so I wanted to have plenty of light to work with. However, I decided to go further down the path because I hadn't seen everything and didn't know when I would come back. As I ventured on I found a second waterfall that was interesting, but didn't seem to have a clear shot. I was coming to the last section of the walking loop and saw a sign for the actual stone fort. I thought I should take a look since it was the idea for the park. I followed that path to arguably the best waterfall in the park and I go there at the perfect time.

The soft golden light was lighting up the trees, in the background, and reflecting on the water. The blues and yellows were a beautiful combination showcasing what a special place this was to be, and at that very moment. I will be making many trips back to learn more about this spot and what it has yet to reveal.

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