Mala Fatra, Turiec, Slovakia by Milan Gonda

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Picture Story

I tend to get the best images (or at least what I consider my best images) when I don't plan my shoots and there might be a whole bunch of reasons why this is the case. Instead of analysing the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, I will just say that while I plan a lot of my own shoots, I also love the creative freedom and spontaneity of shooting without a plan. There is nothing better than being able to be driven by impulse, given conditions and the mindset of the moment.

This image was captured in a similar manner in a very unlikely place. It shows a group of trees between two clearcuts somewhere in the woods of Mala Fatra mountain range in central Slovakia. This place would certainly not lend itself to any epic landscape photography, there was nothing special about it. I think that photographing the most ordinary landscapes and subjects allows me to develop my own style and vision in a more personal manner. It allows me to put more of my personality into my images and it is this personal relationship with the photograph which makes it valuable for me. I certainly have a tendency to like images based on colour, pattern, texture, bold lines, simplicity and emotional charge. I like images which have a strong graphic element or abstract quality to them and I enjoy when I am able to find such images in unexpected places or subjects. This image checks a lot of these boxes for me.

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