Maine, USA by Jeff Johnson

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Picture Story

When I scouted out this location it was a beautiful sunny day with no clouds in sight. I was imagining a soft low sunrise image with warm light and soft blue shadows from reflection of the overhead blue sky. When I arrived the next morning, I was disappointed at first but had to be patient and wait for the fog to clear. A foggy scene is usually quite romantic and dramatic but I had to wait long enough to even see the lighthouse clearly enough to make this image. The searchlight beam was still visible, much to my surprise. This added to the element of drama which was enhanced by the inclement weather. I also didn't realize just how still and clear the water was with the fog layer when I arrived on location.

The reflection of the lighthouse, even as vague as it is, was rewarding and a pleasant surprise. My experience of photographing along the coast of Maine can be a challenge with the weather conditions. So many times the weather report is not what is actually happening when you arrive on the coast to shoot. Because of the flat gray and dreary feeling of the scene in color (RAW file), I decided to create this image in a black & white rendition. I wanted to enhance the fog feeling so I added a white vignette to the corners to emphasize that foggy condition.

This has been one of my favorites of any of my lighthouse images. It was selected into the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America in the 2017 International Image Competition held in Atlanta, Georgia.

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