Madison River, Yellowstone NP, USA by Howard Clark

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Picture Story

Four years ago, a former neighbor and “shooting partner” acquired a condo about 10 miles from the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park, USA. He visits twice each year – May and September and offered my wife and me a standing invitation to join him for a photoshoot. We finally made it in the last week of September, 2019. The day after our arrival, we entered the Park from the west side and drove in along the shores of the Madison River. It was a bright sunny day with mild temperatures. We made a few stops and snapped some mundane scenic images. Then, just before noon, at the 5th stop, we hit photographic pay-dirt.

We were perched on a narrow strip of land between the highway and river. The soil was rather unstable so setting up my tripod was a real challenge. After capturing some very nice shots of driftwood in and beside the river, I began to moving further along, hoping to capture an “S-curve” in the river with some solid, dry foreground. This enables a viewer of my photo to imagine himself or herself standing right there looking out over the scene. You can see a few yellow aspens on the hillsides. However, you don’t see any bison, elk, or pronghorn antelope.

While the Park has many of these, we think the animals were on vacation during the week that we were in Yellowstone. The landscapes, however, were absolutely phenomenal. Yellowstone is a place where much of the earth seems to be turned inside out. Additionally, you find mountains, valleys, geysers, hot springs, rivers, and waterfalls. I hope to join my friend again in the spring of 2020. He says that a lot of “red dogs” (baby bison) are likely to be on the scene at that time.

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