Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA by Larry Pollock

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I was one of the fortunate ones who has been able to spend hours in Lower Antelope Canyon taking photos with a guide. Letting the major tours pass I was able to spend time to compose and setup up each shot, use a tripod and not be in a hurry. At 150 feel below the surface of the desert, the light filters down and highlights the shapes and curves. Though most images are color of this slot canyon, I prefer to do black and white images to truly focus on the light and lines being offered by the light.

Times have changed and there are no longer photography permits and they now run the group tours from both ends of the canyon simultaneously. Crowded and massively popular, I think we as photographers have done too good a job of featuring these places. Nearby Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River parking lot and trails are paved for mass visitors. Summer is very busy around Lake Powell and Page AZ, but maybe try off season. Can be cold, but less folks.

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