Longueira, Alentejo, Portugal by Paulo Bizarro

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Picture Story

This photo was taken in mid-March this year, just before my country (Portugal) had to enter lockdown due to the still ongoing Covid19 health crisis. At the time, I was spending the weekend in Longueira, a small village near the Alentejo coast in southwest Portugal. I went out in the early morning, walking in the nearby fields, looking for photo opportunities provided by the early Spring flowers that were beginning to appear.

Every year I take the opportunity to shoot some flowers in these rural fields, so I was quite keen to go out again this year. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, this was the only occasion I had to pursue this subject this year. The morning was wet and overcast, which was good for flower photography: softened contrast and enhanced saturation of the natural colors, plus a feel of freshness.

I simply walked along the field, shooting several frames with my camera mounted tripod. I find using a tripod is very helpful in this type of photography, where I often end up shooting from ground level to achieve a good framing. I also used a macro lens, albeit with only 0.5x magnification, to obtain a good close-up result.

I chose this photo because I like the color and focus separation between the flower and the background. I framed the flower in a way that it provided a diagonal line leading the viewer into the frame towards the pink petals. A few months after taking the photo, I remember this simple morning walk as a special occasion, that ended up being unique due to unforeseen reasons.

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