Lepjenica River, Slovenia by Brenda Tharp

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Picture Story

Waterfalls have always fascinated me - you would think they'd run out of water yet they don't in the time you are standing there! While I love a thunderous, grand waterfall, in keeping with my own interest in the intimate landscape, I love to seek out and photograph smaller waterfalls found within the woods. On this particular day we were walking along a trail in the Sunic water grove area of central Slovenia, heading towards a series of waterfalls that cut through the rocks. It was autumn it had been a year of drought, but there was still plenty of water in this little river to capture a series of 'steps' as it tumbled down the rocks. The drought had brought down the beech leaves, which made a lovely warm color contrast against the velvety green of the mosses.

In order to achieve this composition, I had to carefully climb down the side of a steep rock, dropping down about 8 feet to a small space where I could stand and set up my tripod. I wanted to be at the very edge of the rocks, looking over into the waterfall. There was very little room to work - in fact I had left my camera bag above and a colleague was handing down the things I needed. Although I thought I'd want my variable ND filter, in the end I preferred a slightly shorter yet still long shutter speed in order to retain the texture in the waterfalls and the flow beneath it. I made several exposures at different shutter speeds and found this one to be my favorite. When I was satisfied I had captured what I felt and saw, I had to figure out how to get back up this steep drop. That took a bit of wedging myself in between a rock and a small tree, after I had handed up my tripod and camera to my friend.

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