Laliderer Walls, Karwendel, Austria by Max Schiefele

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Picture Story

This photo is both: planned and unexpected. The Lalider in the Karwendel are an impressive and imposing rock wall. I have often imagined how the rocks in the sunset are illuminated by the sun and shine, similar to the Dolomites. Due to their orientation, they are only illuminated by the sun in the evening hours in June or July. During the day the sun is behind the mountains and you take photos against the light. This can be easily calculated with an app for determining the position of the sun. If I carry the heavy mediumformat-equipment up a mountain, I already know what I'm photographing beforehand, mostly.

Another variable is the weather. It had been raining the days before and there were some clouds in the sky. The air humidity was high and when the temperature drops, the water in the air condenses and becomes fog. It is good to know about the dewpoint. Here, a good weather-app can help, which gives the dewpoint in the forecast. And the most important thing: Warm, dry and windproof clothing, after an ascent you sweat and then you're waiting in the wind and start to freeze. Also important: a headlamp for the descent and surefootedness in the dark. Safety first. Planning is everything.

When I stood in front of this wall and had set up my equipment, I started to wait. I had a vague picture in my head, but reality topped everything. The rising fog stopped close under the peaks and the setting sun bathed the haze in a glowing Inferno - burning peaks.

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