Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa, Ontario, Canada by Gerry Kaiser

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Picture Story

I have been visiting the wild shores of Lake Superior since I was a child. Out of all of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is the most pristine and magical. As the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, it acts more like a sea than a lake and is sometimes referred too as an inland sea.

My first recollection of the power of Lake Superior and the pull that it has had on me and the people of the Great Lakes region is from the sinking of the SS Edmond Fitzgerald, a 222 metre Great Lakes Freighter with all hands on November 10th 1975. The wreck and its 29 lost souls are commemorated every year and form a part of the local lore. What strikes me most about this lake is the immense expanse of crystal clear fresh water which in the right conditions of fall and winter can create waves in excess of 9 metres. The other thing that is most striking are the rocks, some of the oldest on earth at over 2.7 billion years. The rocks are muliticoloured granites and gneisses, agates, amethysts and greenstones that have been worn down by water and geologic time. When viewed along the shore and submerged beneath the waters they shimmer like the jewels of great lost treasure.

The image that I have submitted is of these beautiful stones along the shore of Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park on a calm morning with the sun rising just above the towering red and white pines of the park campground. The gentle lapping of the Lake Superior water over the multicoloured stones is what brings me back to this shore year after year. the best time to visit is in the fall when the tourists have mostly gone, the days are bright and sunny and the nights are cool. The weather on the Lake can change by the hour and one can experience many types of climate throughout the day and night. The colours of the trees in the fall rival those of the stones and the land and sea is enchantingly beautiful. It is one of my favourite places on Earth.

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