Lake Mungo NP, NSW, Australia by Russell Curr

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Picture Story

I had been snapping away in the pre-dawn darkness hoping to capture this ethereal landscape for about 15 mins when I realised that the heavy mist had all but covered the front of my lens in water droplets. So all the, er, ’brilliant’ shots I had taken were wasted. After cleaning the lens I continued my wanderings through this fog shrouded desert landscape. Although not unusual, fog is hard to predict so finding myself amongst these dunes in such fog set my pulse racing. I did not want to waste any more time. My shutter ran hot as I tried to setup my tripod, compose, check on the lcd screen, re-compose, shoot, as fast as I could. With the desert sun rising rapidly and dissolving the mist I was intent on getting as many shots off as possible; not the ideal way to photograph. I continued in this state of near ‘photo taking frenzy’ until I arrived at the area of this image.

It was just after sunrise when the light was at its most magical. The starkness of this landscape was enhanced by the mist and the diffuse dawn light produced an utterly stunning display. It's an area of very ancient mud, the layers being put down tens of thousands of years ago. One needs to be very careful in this area not to damage or have any impact of the land, even where you walk needs to managed to minimise the impact. I was mesmerised by the beauty before me and I stood there just enjoying the morning. Needless to say, I did make sure I got off a few more shots before the fog dissolved completely, but what a morning, one I will never forget.

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