Lake Mungo NP, New South Wales, Australia by Russell Curr

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Picture Story

Desert fog is relatively uncommon and its very difficult to be in the exact location required to get a great shot when the fog does roll in. This location is about 900kms from my home so timing ones visit with fog involves more luck than skill. I do check the weather but fog such as this is extremely localised. I have been visiting this area every few months for the past 4 years and on this occasion when I peered out of my tent pre-dawn and saw the fog I was ecstatic. I dragged myself out of the warm sleeping bag, grabbed my camera bag (I have to admit I slept in my clothes to make the pre-dawn start quicker) and moved out into the dunes looking for subjects.

There are a number of trees that have adapted to this dry harsh environment and their root systems can extend many meters across the sand. This particular tree is, I think, the Sandhill Wattle, which is common on the lunette. The light at this time (it was 7am in late May, which is just on dawn) was breathtaking as the rising sun filtered through the mist. Visibility was about 100m but in this part of the lunette it provided a wonderful backdrop to this single tree. The sky was starting to clear above me as the warm sun burnt off the mist but I managed to get off quite a few shots in this area of the lunette, shots I was very pleased with. This one was one of my favourites as it conveys some of the remoteness of this area and also the harshness, but also the beauty and colour of these desert regions of outback Australia.

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