Lake Crescent, Washington, USA by Patricia Thomas

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Picture Story

The Olympic National Park is located in Washington State. It encompasses the Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent, several beaches along the Pacific Ocean, and at least 4 temperate rain forest. With all this diversity a photographer can get lost for months and only need to surface in order to get more memory cards.

Lake Crescent sits on the northern border of the park and can easily be accessed by hwy 101. Often the waters are rough which eliminates reflections since it is a large body of water. Early in the morning, as the sun is making its way over the surrounding mountains the water often can be found calm with barely a ripple; only for a short amount of time. This morning was no exception. I was thrilled to see how sunrise was shaping up. It is hard to gauge how the conditions might be on any given morning. If foggy you will see nothing, cloudy equals no sun or light, windy you will get no reflections; regardless, the anticipation of what could be pulls you over the many miles to get to the shore. This morning there was a strong cloud bank hovering over the lake but as hoped, the sun soon started to drive the clouds back revealing the landscape all around. Dramatic light flooded the hills surrounding the lake and I was able to capture the first rays of light breaking over the ridge line. Moments later the wind picked up and the sun was out in full force making for a good excuse to move on to the next location.

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