Lahontan Sunrise, Nevada, USA by Chip Carroon

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Picture Story

Good landscape reflections are a result of many factors. The main ingredients have to be an absence of wind, a weather front or attractive atmospheric conditions, foreground and background elements, perhaps a scarcity of human visitors to the scene, and a good viewpoint. These were the attributes of an image in the state of Nevada, USA.

Most visitors to this area go to another larger lake that is well known, Lake Tahoe. That higher altitude lake has many admirable qualities. However, that location does not allow a good reflection on many occasions owing to the lake’s large size and frequent wind across its large open space. Also, there often are many visitors within view.

The lake depicted here, Lahontan Reservoir, is often considered a rather ordinary body of water. The trick is to look at the water in good light and under good conditions. In this case, I studied the weather forecast for the area, and then went to the lake at a good time of day as well as at a time of good atmospheric conditions. The significant remaining problem was to get a good vantage point for the composition. This came from knowing the natural islands in the lake in advance and in accessing the scene from above with an aerial camera. Though that may sound simple, I had to use trial and error to find the best composition. Of course, there are an infinite number of possibilities so I had to look around for a while to see what was attractive.

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