Kwade Hoek, Zeeland, The Netherlands by Dion van den Boom

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Picture Story

This is one of my favorite parts on the coast in The Netherlands, at least within a short range. It’s about an hour drive from my home. So, whenever the weather forecast is promising, I’m tempted to get in the car and go for a stroll on the beach near Ouddorp. But this time, we didn’t really get what was predicted.

Upon arrival, the sky looked promising. The clouds were opening up and the low winter sun gave a really nice light. The parking lot was completely full, so I knew I had to walk a bit if I wanted to find some patches between the dunes without footsteps. I could already feel the first raindrops and they were coming from the direction I wanted to shoot to. I knew I wouldn’t get many shots so I was immediately focused on finding those nice curvy lines in the sand, created by the wind.

The camera was placed really low to the ground on a small tripod, using a wide angle prime lens to scale up the lines in the sand. By getting so close you only need a few square meters to completely fill your frame, which gives it a nice intimate feel. To achieve enough sharpness from foreground to background I used focus stacking.

Not long after I took a few photos on this location I was rewarded with a nice refreshing shower in the form of very dense drizzle. And it didn’t look like it was opening up again any time soon, so no interesting sunset. It was time to call it a day and head back to the, by then, empty parking lot.

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