Kussharo-ko, Teshiga-cho, Hokkaido, Japan by Efisio Podda

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Picture Story

Early morning sunrise over Kussharo lake in Hokkaido (7am). Bitterly cold and windy as usual. A sea of clouds spreading over the frozen surface of the lake reflect rising sunlight mixing with the night's cold shadows. Challenging picture to take due to bitterly cold weather and windswept open terrain.

Black ice and previous night's snowfall made it a treacherous drive from Bihoro-cho to Bihoro pass even in a 4WD. Spiked boots were essential to walk down and over the guardrail from the main road. Once over knee, deep in snow looking for stable ground poking ground with extended tripod to avoid terrain holes. Then the gloves have to come off to change camera settings.

Picture taken in February from the national route 243 just past Bihoro pass looking down on the lake overlooking Nakajima island.

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