Kumiecie Forest, Goldap, Poland by Jaroslaw Jasinski

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Picture Story

The photo was taken in late autumn in the Kumiecie forest near Gołdap - a town in north-eastern Poland, located right next to the border with Russia.

It was a fine morning and a bike trip to the nearby forest was a great pleasure, although a large photo bag was attached to the bike carrier. The sun was covered with a thin layer of clouds which resulted in a very soft light effect. I only came to the Kumiecie forest with black and white films and I planned to expose a few films in the so-called multiple exposure. White birch trees against the background of a dark forest were very suitable for this project.

During World War II, in this area there was a research facility that worked on a V-2 rocket engine and the headquarters of the Luftwaffe.

There are many remains of these dark times in the forest.

After exposing a few frames in the Pentax 67 II system using different lenses, unexpectedly I came across a large cluster of felled trees that lay over a fairly large area. I took the photo with a wide-angle lens in a quadruple exposure. The next process was developing the film and its digitalization using the Epson V 850 Pro scanner and then digital processing.

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