Kananaskis, Canada by Betsy Botsford

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Picture Story

Living in the Southwest of the United States it is rare we get fog. In the winter I am always looking at my apps hoping for fog in the morning. I am mostly disappointed with the percent chance of fog. I stare longingly at photos in the fog in the Redwoods and Mt. Ranier National Parks and dream of being in those conditions. So when I was lucky enough to be in Kananaskis, Canada and have fog during my trip I was ecstatic.

Although I am not a morning person, this was one of those mornings you are happy to be alive and happy you decided to get out of bed and walk in the dark with your camera. I arrived at my location in total fog and in the dark. My headlamp was useless in the fog so I walked from the parking lot to the edge of the lake slowly and carefully. Once there I had no idea where to point my camera due to the thick fog. Although I had researched my location, I really did not know what to expect once the sun would rise. I set up my Nikon D3400 on the trip with my favorite Sigma 17-55mm lends and waited quietly, hoping. When the sun started to rise, and the fog started to clear I was truly smiling and in awe. It was just perfect conditions for beautiful light and stunning mirror images. There is almost nothing as nice as the Canadian Rockies in the fog and I hope I get to see it again someday.

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