Kananaskis, Canada by Betsy Botsford

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Picture Story

I arrived in Canada in a snow storm in September. I flew into Calgary, got my bags and headed towards Canmore to check into my hotel. Coming from Las Vegas, NV it felt like a winter wonderland to me and I enjoyed my drive very much. Once checked in, I headed out into Kananaskis country to scout Wedge Pond for the morning shoot. The snow only worsened as I drove and then the fog set in too. My scouting turned into nothing more than a drive in the snow. The visibility was poor. Although I found wedge pond I had no idea what the scenery looked like around it due to the heavy fog. I was in Canada alone and had no one to give me any insight into the location.

I had to give up, admit defeat for the night and head back into town for some much needed sleep. In the morning the fog was still thick and the drive was scary. But I eventually got there though the driving was slow. I still could not see anything. In the dark, in the heavy fog, I set up my tripod not even knowing which direction to point my camera. When the sun came up and the fog started to clear it was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. It was breathtaking. I photographed for a couple hours with my Nikon D3400 and my Tokina 11-66mm. Every shot was just slightly different as the fog rose. Every shot felt like a happy treasure. I hope to go back to Kananaskis again. Canada is indeed one of the most wonderful places I've ever photographed.

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