Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada by Andrew O’Brien

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Picture Story

~I have been to this location numerous times chasing the light and atmosphere. I’ve been skunked every time! So imagine how excited I was when a few days ago, weather apps predicted a great sunrise for the area!

Up at 5:30am, Timmies coffee, and off I went. I arrived in the dark, parked the car, and hiked down to the river making my way up to a bend. There I found a small pool of water that would reflect the peak of Mt. Kidd. I set up my composition and waited for that great morning light, and waited, and waited. I waited in that spot for over an hour. Nothing! Skunked again!

When I got home, out of sheer frustration, I planned to save my image. I introduced a new sky and, unapologetically, I’m glad I did!

Many images on social media do not represent what was actually seen by the photographer, in fact many are complete fantasy. But this is what was in my head the whole time driving to location. I would not be denied.

I rarely do composites, as I want to show the beauty of nature as it happens. But if I do, I feel I have to let the viewer know.

This may not accurately represent what I saw that morning but rest assured, it was what I had envisioned and hoped to capture.

I will go back and see that scene unfold before me naturally some day. I’ll keep you posted.

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