Interview With Sarah Lyndsey

We talked to the Canadian photographer, Sarah Lyndsey, about learning to love nature, her favourite parts of the job and how to build an online following.
Interview by Tiffany Reed Briley

Hi Sarah. It is such a pleasure to get to interview you. Tell me a little bit about your background, where are you from and when did you start in photography?

I am a landscape, portrait, wedding and commercial photographer. I live in Salmon Arm, BC. It’s a city of roughly 20,000 people surrounded by mountains, forests, waterfalls and lakes. I have been a photographer for around seven years – the first four being a hobbyist and the last three running it as a business.

What was it about the art of photography that caused you to fall in love with it?

It was Photoshop that made me fall in love with photography. I had a friend many moons ago who used to edit portraits and made band cover albums in Photoshop and I remember being so fascinated with the program that I started editing pictures myself, which I would take on my parents’ Canon point-and-shoot camera. I then started ...

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