Interview With Miles Morgan

The Hawaiian pilot and landscape photographer who likes to chase volcanoes, tells Tiffany Reed Briley about flying planes and drones and his love of photography

Miles, I am so thrilled to get the chance to interview you. We have worked with you before in the past over the years and it is always a delight when we get to chat. Let’s jump right into it. How are things going and what is new in your photographic world?

Thanks so much! Things are going very well. The past year has been fairly productive for me photographically. I am not out shooting very often as I have a full time career as an airline pilot and a growing family, but I have learned to photograph smarter. By that I simply mean I have more of a plan and focus when I have a chance to visit the outdoors. Spending more time doing research and contemplation of what and where I want to photograph has helped me to hit the ground running. At the end of the day, I have also been blessed with some pretty special light this year.

Is there a place and/or post processing technique right now that has you captivated?

Lately I have been finding myself drawn to the desert southwest of the USA for a few reasons. First, it is fairly close to home, which means I can maximize my time doing photography and not just traveling. Second, there is an endless array of incredible landscape down there. There are countless areas to shoot; some popular, some far from the beaten path. New (to me) places definitely hold the most excitement and I find myself shooting less and less in my home area of the Pacific NW. This is strange because many people ...

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