Ile-Aux-Basques, Quebec, Canada by Helene Chouinard

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Picture Story

Sometimes we are looking at the wrong place. Like this day where I catched sight of some reflections on the water of a small pond. Now, see the scene transformed into an oil painting created by a great master of the Impressionist period.

During a walk on St. Laurence River Island in Québec, I was captivated by the picture of white birches and their spring foliage shimmering on the surface of the water. I decided to include in my composition those reflections on the water as well as the wet grasses floating on the edge of the pond. Surprisingly, the sky was reflected on the grass, giving them a blue color. Without this little touch of blue, the color harmony would not has been so successful. Everything is about reflections in this abstract composition.

The small ripples on the surface of the water make the trees and leaves a little bit blurred thus suggesting the style of the great painter Monet. When processing the photo, I increased slightly the color contrast through Color Efex Pro 4. Also, I used a filter moderately in Topaz Studio II for a best result.

Long time ago, this nice little island in the middle of St. Laurence River was a well-known place for whaling practiced by the Basques, long time before the arrival of Jacques Cartier. This is the reason why this island is called Île-aux-Basques. The remains of the old ovens used by the Basques to melt whale fat can still be found on the island today.

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