Icicle River, Leavenworth, Washington, USA by Lynn Hopwood

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Picture Story

I left my home at 4:00 am on a December morning and headed northwest to Leavenworth, Washington which is about 3 hours from my home in Prosser, Washington. I took the safe route avoiding the mountain pass as my last trip to Leavenworth there was a spinout on the mountain pass on black ice which I narrowly missed a semi truck. As I got closer to Leavenworth a thick fog developed while it was still dark outside. Finally around 7am I was relieved to get into Bavarian village of Leavenworth. I decided to head west of town as there was less fog and more light that direction. Lake Wenatchee had the least amount of fog as the morning light was appearing so I photographed the lake with a mountain peak and then headed back into Leavenworth. The fog was still present but there was plenty of natural light to photograph so I was happy.

One of my favourite spots to hike and photograph is the Icicle River which is south of the town. It is also called Icicle Creek from the Indian word na-sik-elt, meaning narrow canyon. This area is also part of the Wenatchee National Forest. There is a parking area for people who want to hike the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and that is where I parked and got on the beginning of the trail. You descend down to the Icicle River and there is a wooden bridge which is part of the trail to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. On one side of the bridge there are a lot of rocks in the river and on the other side of the bridge the river is more smooth without all the rocks jutting out. The photograph I took is on the smooth side of the river. The waters are icy cold and the evergreens were covered with snow making for a wonderful winter landscape. You can see a little bit of blue sky as the fog lifted temporarily. Hope you enjoy this wonderful winter scene.

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